D&S Ultra-Clean Ltd has 3 more closed solvent cleaning systems ready for shipping……

Closed solvent cleaning systems supplied by D&S Ultra-Clean Ltd

union group

Last week saw the factory acceptance of 3 more closed solvent cleaning systems at our manufacturing partners Union spa in Bologna. Two of which are going to used in the aerospace manufacturing

Two of the machines were from our standard MDM range, one for cleaning convoluted tubes  and will use  the chlorinated solvent Dowper MC (perchloroethylene) and the other is a full vacuum system  a MDM V HC model which is to be used for cleaning small components and springs and is for use with Dowclene 1601 (modified alcohol) both products supplied by SAFECHEM in the UK.

The third  larger system was from our non standard MUMV range and was again for use with Dowper MC and is for use by a major supplier in Aero Engine manufacture.

The systems are now being prepared for shipping and are due to be installed in the coming weeks…..


For any more information on closed solvent cleaning systems see www.ds-ultra.com



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